3 Days 2 Nights at Chiang Rai

Day 1.

We bought the flight ticket from NOK AIR which was at quite a reasonable price with the promo code “surprise”. Checked in at Terminal 2  Don Mueng International Airport the Departure time was at 7.30am and the costs for 2 persons was only 4035 baht inclusive of the return trip, airport tax,free luggage , and free snacks with drinks on board the NOK AIR flight.  We had our quick breakfast at McDonald and it cost us almost 500 baht 🙁 I didn’t expect it to be that expensive.

Don Mueng Air PortDon Mueng AirportSnack on board Nok Air

We arrived at Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai International Airport at 8.55am. When I looked at the landscape from above before we landed the view was stunning and it made me so excited and in anticipation of this trip. The whole landscape was a stunning hue of green and with a backdrop of the imposing mountain ranges just over the horizon. I have been to Chiang Rai many times with my family but that was many years ago when I was still too young to appreciate what I see now. So this can be considered the 1st time that I am truly visiting  Chiang Rai on my own. We have no plan of what we are going to do in Chiang Rai or where we would like to go. I only managed to do some research from google such as what is the Top restaurant in Chiang Rai?, Most visited place in Chiang Rai and so forth. So I have about 21 one places on my lists of to do and see while here and hope I can do it all within 3 days.Realistically I know we can’t visit all but we will try to go to as many places on the list as we possibly can.

Chiang Rai International AirportChiang Rai International AirportWe booked a car from the car rent company called Runway Car Rent or Bank Car Rent and their service is very good. You do not need to have a credit card to make a booking with them. You just need your passport, your driving license and 3000 baht deposit and the fee for how many days you will be using the car. We were recommended the Toyota Vios which was a brand new car and it cost us 1000 baht a day. We decided to use  the car for only 2 days with the option for a late return of an additional charge of only 100 baht per hour.

Runway car rentAfter picking up the car at the airport which already had a full tank of fuel so that means when we returned the car we will have to return the same, we began our journey in Chiang Rai. Keeping in mind my earlier lists of places to visit, first item in mind was to feed our by now hungry stomachs so we headed out to have an early lunch at the Melt in your mount restaurant. As we were not familiar with the route, we relied heavily on our iPAD GPS to find the place and please note that our clever “SIRI” on iPAD has a knack of bringing us on a real roundabout way to the destination even though there is a shorter route!  If you use the “SIRI” GPS it will bring you to the park first which actually passed the restaurant please look carefully for the restaurant side.

Melt in your mouth restaurant Melt in your mouth restaurant Melt in your mouth restaurant Melt in your mouth restaurant

We ordered few dishes here and its only cost us THB…..

After we finished our lunch we continue our journey to Maesai where we rent the room for 2 nights at Ban Kongkam The room cost 1000 baht per night. The hotel location is just 5 minutes to Maesai border gate







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