5 things I can’t live without when I travel

The most important items are the items that makes my travel comfortable and ready to go anywhere I want. Some things can be very handy and also useful at the same time. So how to pack when you travel is an important and essential part of traveling!

1.Ipad and Iphone

In this time and age, everyone is on one social site or another. Some times being on a social site can be very handy and useful to me in my posts and updates. Therefore I have to carry my Ipad with me everywhere I go especially when I travel. I use my Ipad to look for maps on Google or Book a hotel, book flight tickets or even use my Ipad or Iphone to take a quick snap photo at that instant in time when there is not enough time to take out and set my camera. The iPhone allows me to keep in contact wherever I am and also give me an Internet connection when traveling.

2.Nikon D3200

I am not a so called professional photographer. Taking pictures is just a hobby and some times a hobby can turn to a money making venture and I love to do what I like. When I like something then I feel that I can do it better so this camera is another iten that I can never go without when traveling. Some people say action is better than words but a good picture can tell you the whole story better than words. I am using the Nikon D3200 Nikon Thailand for almost 2 years now and it goes everywhere I go and see everything I see.


As you travel more and do a lot of walking, you will find that slippers or the types of dress shoes without good sole padding doesn’t suite long walking sessions especially when you enjoy the travel scene until you end up with swollen feet due to too much walking. Sneakers are a better way to support your legs and make a holiday last longer and more comfortable 🙂 during a long journey. So I never forget to find a better sneaker to suite my feet and now I end up having so many sneakers in my collection 😛

4.My Backpack

This is very important for me as my backpack can put all kinds of useful stuff like clothes, tooth brush,tooth paste, medicine box and my personal stuff like Passport , Id,Driving license etc., It easy to carry a backpack than the suitcase because I just put it on my back and I am ready to go. So choose a good durable backpack with a few secure compartments to organize your things and make it easy to find.

5.Cosmetic travel kit.

A girl being a girl, when traveling I tend to bring the whole box of my cosmetic collection. I used Clinique travel club set (Two go/ duo de charme) Clinique Thailand with Lipstick 12 Blushing Nude Soft Shine. Its easy to carry and does not take much space in your bag and plus the cosmetic can last for the whole day without applying it again on my face. I personally like this!

Different travelers may have different requirements and needs while traveling but one rule of thumb is that you should pack and bring items that would be practical at the same time make your travel convenient and comfortable. The best expert packers are the ones who travel the world backpacking. They know just what essentials to bring while the rest they make do wherever they may be for the day!

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