How many things can you put in your handbag?
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How many things can you put in your handbag?

A girl being a girl tend to bring her entire wardrobe with her regardless of going on holiday or even just to work. How many of you girls have a tendency to over pack your handbags while preparing for work? I know for one that I must have at the very least 5 bulky items that is a must have for my daily work wardrobe! I prefer a tote bag because I can either sling it or hand carry it. My tote bag should also be sizable enough to put my must haves such as my iPad mini, iPhone, makeup sets, wallet, card holders and my supplements. Most tote bags I have found are either too bulky, heavy or not trendy enough. That is until I found this new tote bag from ZALORA Thailand. I have a very specific dressing style for work and it has to be chic, easy to match yet colors should compliment so I like shades of grey, blues, whites or blacks. My accessories should also stand out, so that would be either my bag or shoes.

How many things can you put in your hand bags?

This is just to give you an idea of an ideal tote bag size that would be suitable for most working girls. You wouldn’t believe it but I could actually put all the stuff with more room to spare! Thank goodness the bag is also light weight so it would not add an extra bulk to the items I am already carrying. I am sure many of you have the same thoughts on packing all your daily necessities into one bag without looking like you are lugging a suitcase around.

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What would you actually look for when buying a tote bag?

I like to look at the way the insides are made because I feel that is important. You do not want to spend a lot of money and find that in no time you have a hole in your bag and things slip through and get lost in there. Hasn’t that happened to you before? Next I like to look at the quality of the zip or flap catch. If the zipper or magnetic catch is not of a good quality, soon you will have to throw the bag away because it is broken. Next are the handle and strap stitching. This should be double stitched to prevent the handle and straps from giving way. So here are just a few tips on how to look for a durable and fair quality tote bag. A mid ranged tote bag should offer these qualities and such a bag should last you a fairly long time.

Please be do leave your comments below on what you think about other qualities you should look for when shopping for a handbag or a tote bag for daily use. I would love to hear from you!



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