How to DIY ripped jean?

How to DIY ripped jean?

How to DIY Ripped Jean?Ripped or distressed jeans are still a fashion exclusive but getting a pair of nicely ripped jeans in the market is hard to find. Sometimes the colour of the jeans are not right or the store ripped variety is not hip or fashionable enough to have a good visual impact.

How to DIY Ripped Jean?Owning a pair of exclusive ripped and distressed jeans is easy with this quick DIY fix-it method. You can start off with a suitable new pair of jeans. You will also need some fabric chalk, a pair of scissors, a piece of sandpaper, and a tweezers. Start by decide ding where you would like your pair of jeans to be ripped and drawing a start and finish line with the fabric chalk. The line should be horizontal to the length of the jeans.

How to DIY Ripped Jean?Next use the sandpaper to rub between the marked lines until you notice a loosening of the fabric threads. Use the pair of tweezers to pick at the threads which should pull off easily leaving behind only the horizontal threads. Do this until you have the desired width and height of the tear. Use the sandpaper to slightly smoother the edges of the tear and the pair of scissors to remove excess loose hanging threads. By this time you should have a neat tear in the jeans.

How to DIY Ripped Jean?Repeat this process on following areas that you want ripped on both sides of the leg sections. To give the jeans a more worn out look, use the sandpaper to lightly rub areas where you want a slightly lighter colour. You can also make a backing for the ripped section by sewing pieces of a different fabric onto the back to give the ripped area a more interesting look. The backing fabric can be a floral patterned fabric or a different colored fabric.

How to DIY Ripped Jean?The ripping process can be alternated to give different ripping effects. You can even form chequered effects with the ripping to give it texture. You can try different styles and methods to make your ripped jeans more interesting and unique in design.




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