Indian Temp

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Photography has never been easy for me since the first time! I tend to get lost behind the lens trying to figured out how to set up the camera. So, I keep practicing, trying hard to get used to my own camera the Nikon D3200.  So, what is it that has inspired me this far?

have been taking several amateur shots of the sights around Bangkok city, my home town. I thought uploaded my pictures to a site more as a record of my photo journey just for the fun of it. One day my picture got an award from the site called Viewbug which caught me rather by surprise. Viewbug is the site where I uploaded my photograph. In the beginning I just uploaded a few pictures inside and left it there until I almost forgot about it. I never realized the potential of the picture that I took until somebody recognized it! So,from that it keep me wanting to do more and more and inspired me to continue my photography journey. So,here are some of the pictures that i took while I was travelling.

Indian Temple

Indian Temple

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