Review L-Carnitine Apple plus
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Review L-Carnitine Apple plus

L-Carnitine Apple plus

I’m started taking L-Carnitine Apple plus as part of my detox and my exerciseregimen. The Box come in a 10 sachets. It is very easy to prepare the sachet by mixing one sachet with Luke warm water and stir. It is best to tak it first thing in the morning before meals and wait 30 minutes after consuming before eating or drinking anything else. The benefit of using this product is that it contains Apple powder,inulin,l-carnitine,l-tartrate,vitamin c,coenzyme Q10,chromium picolinate.

On the first day of drinking L-Carnitine Apple plus I had the urge to go to toilet (This is excellent product for those who have difficulty going to toilet every morning)  the detox effect its almost immediate. It is good for cleaning and detoxing the bowels. It had a very pleasant green apple taste making easy to drink. Keep posted to find out more about the benefit of L-Carnitine Apple plus with me as I continue taking it on the daily basis.


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